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Visited the house of a young friend. Young friend is hooked on phonics and has made a holiday sign, posted on the kitchen wall, that says 'Mere Christmas.' I concur with the overt portion of the sentiment.

It began snowing last Monday and continued through the week. Every morning one or two cm, less than an inch-- just enough not to be able to bicycle. So I walk in my new Romika lace-up boots. Romika lace-ups again, at long long last! I mean, I wore my falling-apart old ones until the start of last winter, but they were worn down and tractionless and required grips to make it through Toronto's salt-filled slush, let alone any real snow. I'd be slipping and sliding even in the little dustings we've had, if I had them now, or if I were wearing last year's fashionable leather boots. But when I went to get these Romikas the women's sizes were too small for my new orthotics and I had to buy men's. Which are $100 more, but which also have treads of doom. Unfashionable but OMG do I have traction. Also small lakes of water whenever I come into a restaurant and sit for five minutes at a table, because the snow will not shake or stomp off no matter how hard I kick the door sill.

This December snow disconcerts me oddly. It seems forever since we've had this, well, *bearable* kind of snowfall: dustings, flurries, stuff you sweep rather than shovel away. Last year it hardly snowed at all. 2008 was sludgey wet falls, dank and cold and nasty; 2007 was unspeakable dumps starting in November; 2006 was Tokyo winter until mid-February, dry and sunny and mild; 2005 was bad-tempered like 2008; 2004 was freezing rain and glare ice all winter. So yeah, back to the fabled winter of 2003. Which snowed quite a lot in January, but in December was like this, flurries tumbling from grey skies before the clouds blow into rifts and yellow sun shows through.
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