mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Black water

I have the bad habit of throwing my clothes around-- strip off when I get hot, put down somewhere, forget I did so or forget where I did, whichever, and then wonder what happened to the thing. This is especially bad at work, where t-shirts and scarves and such will emerge from the laundry after six months. 'Oh it's yours? It's been here forever.'

My pull-over hoodies OTOH are necessities. Outerwear in fall, indispensible innerwear in winter. I notice when they disappear and I wouldn't leave work without them. (Much.) So I was a bit put out when the thick navy one vanished last spring-ish. Wasn't anywhere. Couldn't think what I might have done with it. But hell, it always was too small at the neck and a pain to get off, so forget it. Buy a new fleecy at Honest Ed's. No hood, which is actually a blessing in winter because hoods get wet when it's snowing and don't dry out. But thick and warm and I like it.

It's gone. Can't find it. Sure I had it up to the weekend but in an absent moment put the red hoodie on instead when I went out Sunday morning. Assumed grey one was down in kitchen where it ought to be. And it's not. Aaagh.

There are hoodie stealing Things in my house and I do not like it.

ETA: I have the bad habit of throwing my clothes around and leaving them in my brother's kitchen. (We live side by side in what is structurally a single house.) 'I thought it was John's' says my SIL. Should have asked if they had the navy blue hoodie as well.

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