mjj (flemmings) wrote,

2010's last hurrah

This year sucked for most of its length, but I thought my luck had turned in the fall. Ah well. No. Trojan last night that refused to be removed according to internet directions. Malwarebytes kept rebooting computer when I tried to update it. Long saga involving much gin, but at last the damned thing stopped loading.

This morning computer lags terribly. Is running a process that google has never even heard of, which is scary. I run AdwareS&D. First thing it picks up is a trojan with an operating system name. Wait for Adware to be done so I can remove it. System crashes. Reboot. Windows will not load. Kaput, finito.

Must go see if old Win98 system still works. And buy a Mac laptop, except it's snowing and getting around is no longer the easy bike-borne thing it was.
Tags: rl_10, techy

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