mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The days grow longer for smaller prizes

Am gloomy. But I cheer me with sinboy's consolation to nojojojo over her German publisher:
Terry Pratchett ditched his German publisher because they put an add for soup in the text of his book. I mean, like edited it to include a segue into a description of how great this soup was, and how his characters would probably want a bowl.
As someone else said, they might almost have got away with it because Pratchett does do things like that.

Cheer me also with the Kangxi emperor glooming that his memory started deteriorating in 1690 and never recovered. In 1690 he was 35. And OMG he could no longer keep whole memorials in his head any more like he used to. Someone tell me again why anybody would want to be emperor?

And finally, a totally forgotten blast from my past: Edna St.Vincent Millay. The whirligigs of time bring in the usual revolutions in taste, because not long after I met her-- she was in all *my* childhood poetry anthologies-- she was judged too twee to be borne and dropped out of the textbooks. Like Housman, sort of, except that Housman doesn't give me guilty-pleasure-embarrassment crawlies when I read him, and ohh but Millay does.
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