mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Rampant consumerism

No no no, Weather network. It is not 'slightly overcast'. It is *snowing*. And if this winter is as it looks to be, I shall be buying my third pair of new boots in as many years to ensure ankle support and happy orthotics fit.

bk1 regrets their supplier cannot supply my missing Yakumo volumes. S'OK, I have scans, and felt a mean (all senses of the word) relief at saving the money. The scans alas just got us to Kumano, dark and atmospheric again, and um yeah I would like a paper copy of same. (No. Am supposed to be letting go of the own-the-book habit.) But still there's beNippon. (There's also another visit to NY maybe...)

There are umbrellas that look like ninja swords. Am fiercely fighting the temptation to buy one, because I could never hold on to it.

Sat a baby Friday night. Nice baby, nice house, nice cat, nice parents who pay me over my rate. Also five minutes away by bike. Win all round. Came home, got into shower, owowow my wrist. Indeterminate red area, painless until wet, and I think 'oh dammit eczema is back, get the cream out again.' Do. Look at eczema patch. Is not eczema. Is six short parallel cuts, a millimetre apart and an eight of an inch/ 3-4 mm long, with a smaller one at each end. Cannot be cat, who didn't scratch, and wouldn't scratch with such precision anyway. Is maybe our version of a kamaitachi. Google 'skin parallel scratches' and you'll find any number of supernatural webpages about people with mysteriously appearing scratches got from attacks on the astral plane.

The weirder thing is that I seem to remember having these before. Oh well. Didn't bother me then, will not bother me now.

There's an AMV for Mushishi. The poster notes 'There is one creepy bit involving a needle and a glass eye, but there's nothing that I find upsetting and I'm fairly squeamish.' I'm not fairly squeamish (cannot be in my line of work) but while I can handle various infantile body fluids even when they're all over me, the stuff gooshing out of the eyes in Mushishi has always made me slightly wibbly. However, this reminds me that I *must* watch Princess Tutu in its entirety some day.
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