mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why am I reading Yakumo Tatsu? Or rather, why am I reading it again? And why does it still take me two days to read volume 1 when I've already read it twice? And why was it so much easier to read six years ago post-surgery than any time since? (Have concluded I was high on something back then, because I recall it as a fast fun read when it ought to have put me out every five pages from sheer exhaustion.) And why am I reading Yakumo Tatsu when I *know* it has a dweeb of a kewl oyaji who steals the manga from the cool hero in a way that always makes me scream (which is, cool sardonic character suddenly becomes tongue-tied and at-a-loss and incapable of framing the simplest comeback to the kewl oyaji's adolescent snideries because the mangaka has decided the oyaji is just that kewl.)

Above all, why am I reading Yakumo Tatsu when I lack four volumes in the middle of the series, and bought duplicate copies of the volumes I do have last time I was in New York?

The answer, I think, is so that I can say I finished it and I'm done with it and yay go me.

Also because it's not quite as brainless as Bingo.
Tags: manga_10, yakumo

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