mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Monday I went down to Queen St to get money. Beautiful blue and gold evening, and I discovered an unexpected street in Kensington Market full of lovely looking restaurants. Oh, fall is the best time to do anything, yes, with a backdrop like that. But my mind was full of the current workplace follies and I had no heart to stop on this enticing street, especially alone.

Today I'm finished work until next Tuesday and have New York up and coming, and my new 100 Demons arrived with an enticing first story, and I had half a litre of wine at dinner. And though the evening greys and the wind blows like a Yoshitoshi print, I'm extraordinarily happy.

Could man be drunk for ever
With liquor, love, or fights,
Lief should I rouse at morning
And lief lie down of nights.

But men at whiles are sober
And think by fits and starts,
And if they think, they fasten
Their hands upon their hearts.
Tags: 100demons, art, rl_10, verse

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