mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'In the empty valleys, few come home'

Mountain Travel by Du Mu

遠上寒山石徑斜     Far away on the cold mountain, a stone path slants upwards,
白雲生處有人家     In the white clouds is a village, where people have their homes
停車坐愛楓林晚     I stop the carriage, loving the maple wood in the evening
霜葉紅於二月花     The frosted leaves are redder than the second month's flowers

And here is a sung version with visuals.

(Google was adamant that I wanted Du Fu, but grudgingly gave me a few links to the right poet.)

Shall also quote an anonymous commenter: "Someone likened translation to a French woman. If she is beautiful then she cannot be faithful. If she is faithful, then she cannot be beautiful." Discuss.
Tags: chinese, translation, verse

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