mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sleeping on a Night of Autumn Rain
--Bai Juyi

凉冷三秋夜     It's cold this night in autumn's third month,
安闲一老翁     Peacefully within, a lone old man.
卧迟灯灭后     He lies down late, the lamp already gone out,
睡美雨声中     And beautifully sleeps amid the sound of rain.
灰宿温瓶火     The ash inside the vessel still warm from the fire,
香添暖被笼     Its fragrance increases the warmth of quilt and covers.
晓晴寒未起     When dawn comes, clear and cold, he does not rise,
霜叶满阶红     The red frosted leaves cover the steps.

Odd ways and paths also lead me to this blog, with resonant pictures to go with the poetry.
Tags: chinese, verse

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