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Haven't listened to my music since I got the new computer 20 months ago, because I can't turn the sounds off on Addiction solitaire, which is what I play now instead of Yukon solitaire. (Resolutions, you know-- this beast is too big for Yukon, alas.) Missed it; listening to music and playing Yukon solitaire got me through many a writer's block. Have it on now. Fast trip to a mental place I'd forgotten almost completely. Had forgotten also The White House Burned:
The loser was America,
The winner was ourselves,
So join right in and gloat about the War of 1812.

Oh... we... fired our guns, but the Yankees kept-a coming,
There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and the Yankees started running,
Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, oh, oh....
They ran through the snow and they ran through the forest,
They ran through the bushes where the beavers wouldn’t go.
They ran so fast, they forgot to take their culture,
Back to America, and Gulf and Texaco
Otherwise, September stats are The Far Side of the World in English and Yume no Kodomo 1-3 in Japanese. Have no idea why so little; I wasn't studying much, I certainly wasn't writing; was probably sitting around thinking 'I can't see out of my right eye' and playing Addiction Solitaire.
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