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Have finished the beast. Better than OotP, certainly, but that's damning with faint praise. Better than anything but Philosopher's Stone and PoA, I think, though I've never reread any of the books and my memory is vague.

And now I shall go back to ignoring the net again because people I would never have expected to be unintelligent on the subject are being so. Starting with the woman who (rightly, I then thought) threatened to defriend anyone who spoilered her and then put an uncut spoiler into her post-read post. People still don't know what a spoiler is and clearly will never learn.

But a vote of thanks goes to (possible spoiler here) the person in a certain community who, when some twit said 'X and Y happen-- at least that's what I heard somewhere, don't know if it's true or not,' answered with utter assurance 'It's not.' It was. Go them.

Meanwhile I did not win my horse race. Sadness. But Akino Matsuri is still a fun mangaka and perfect summer reading, so I return to Masked Detective Suzuki Tarou.
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