mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Where the meeses cease from nibbling and the weary are at rest

Put poison out a month ago. Mice ate and vanished. A ten day afterwards mice came back and ate some more. And more. And more. I carefully tidy every evening and every morning there's more seed cast broadside on the paper where the boxes rest. This morning the box itself had been shoved against the wall, the better for burrowing, one supposes. I mean, I'm glad mice no longer run around the counters, pooping as they go; they don't even poop around the boxes, which is a blessing; but I wish they'd all go die already.

In other news, saw eye surgeon today who put me on the waiting list for surgery. Ballpark four months, which is pretty good. It means surgery will happen in 2011 and not this tetra-cursed year, which pleases my superstitious soul. But surgery will happen in an odd-numbered year, which offends my tidy soul. My surgeries have also happened every four years, but waiting till 2012 is silly. (And I wish I could find an eye doctor who thinks cataracts are in fact a fairly big deal and their removal a necessity and an improvement. This one was all, 'To say you have cataracts is like saying your hair is going grey. It's just something that happens when you get older.' No it is not. Greying hair has never given me headaches trying to read Japanese.
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