mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The many many Virgo birthdays

Happy birthday, nojojojo!

My mother and aunt, were they alive, would be 98 tomorrow. That feels all wrong somehow: but then, I know (of) children of 65 year old fathers, so, well, yeah.

As an oddity: yesterday I bought a chair at a yard sale so today I stuck the ancient crumbling chair it replaces out on the sidewalk. Then I went grocery shopping. Down the street had put a chair out too-- a very nice serviceable living room chair. Around the corner had put a chair out-- a small white velvet armchair. Along *that* street someone had put out a papasan complete with err bedding. Two other places had garden chairs stuck out for the gomi-hunters. These sunny late-September days seem to conduce to throwing out furniture-- but why all chairs?

And as I came home, I scarfled down-the-street's chair and put it in my living room as well, because y'day's chair is elegant but uncomfortable, and my comfortable chair's rattan is unravelling from the arms and sticking me most painfully.
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