mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reasons to be happy:

1. It's cool again. And not a temporary cool like the odd cool patches this summer, but a definite season change, 'now it's fall OK?' accompanied by grand rolling cloudscapes and winterlight silveriness. Happened suddenly like *that* last Saturday, after a week of muggy heat and sleeping in AC. And it certainly feels like the first time temps have been below normal all this year.

2. Reading FFLs early yesterday, came across a rundown of and spoilers for the latest chapters of ZE. Old friends from far away, and old itches about to be scratched.

3. My cataract is a small cataract, says the specialist, but it's the kind that produces glare, so out it goes. See the surgeon in two weeks. Specialist's waiting room was full of perfectly functional people coming back for their one week follow-ups after surgery, which heartens me greatly.

4. Happy overnight visit out of town made me notice that in fact my vision is much better, um well, anywhere but here. Came back to TO and eye at once itched and clouded and lenses refused to stay put. Not sure if this *is* good news, as it suggests half my inability to see is down to dry eye and allergies which won't be helped by surgery. But it's not all the inevitable ravages of aging.

5. Somewhere between sorting out my luggage, listening to a tape made in 1994 on a visit home, and running into a friend I first met in Japan, my mind consents to remember what the world looked like back then, so I spent Monday night mentally walking about the old neighbourhood. This is a plus, since I can't really remember places unless I'm actually there, and mental places even less.

6. Came home yesterday to a bk1 order I thought hadn't even shipped, stuck between the doors. Work exigencies that require me to be up at 7 for a ten hour day mean that I haven't had a chance to look at my books, but I have them, whatever.

7. Put out mice poison two weeks ago or so. Mice have eaten it. Have seen no other evidence of mice's existence since: and that too feels like the first time this year. The relief, you can't imagine. I'm not entirely rational about where I live, and the constant feeling of invasion has been wearing me down since February at least.
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