mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I talk a lot today...

Yes, yes, I am not alone. (Ganked from Hyperbole and a half's Social Entrapment post. Except that living in Japan taught me that 'Hot today' 'Yes it's hot' 'Yeah, it's really hot' 'It's hotter than last year' 'Yes, definitely hotter than last year' 'Well see you' 'Take care, bye' is a perfectly rational and permissable conversation.

But anent #4-is-it? I do have the fantasy of friends I can just drop in on and hang out at their place, no problem. But anybody wanting to come hang at my place? Forgeddid. I'm *busy*. So why would my putative friends not be busy too? Well, going by next door, there are people who spend their home time sitting in the kitchen doing crostic crosswords and drinking coffee and chatting with their SOs, so having another person hanging about the kitchen doesn't change things much. Maybe that's another facet of coupledom.
Tags: humour, rl

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