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I am out of sorts. Partly that's down to TO's perplexing summer weather-- perplexing as in 'it's only 28C/ 82F, it's not 38C/ 100F, it's not **hot** by anyone's standards, so why do I feel like I've been worked over by mafiosi thugs, and why does everything ache and twinge, and why am I thinking what a relief a knife to the jugular would be?' Anyway today's much cooler and drier, so it isn't that.

So I'm out of sorts because a week ago the eye doctor gave me two contact lenses, one for reading (left eye) and one for distance (right eye), and told me cheerfully that my brain would adjust to the difference in a week or two. Or not, as the case may be. And it was fine for a while-- yeah one eye is always blurry but hey, I can read Japanese without reading glasses, halloo hallay! Only now dry eye has hit both eyes, as it did with my old lenses, only double, right? So now both my eyes are blurry and I can't see a thing.

That being the case, it was perhaps a mistake to start an Edmund Crispin detective novel (Buried for Pleasure ) last night. I used to like Crispin; I used to like Gervase Fen; hell, I used to be twenty-five but now I'm not any more; and the archness and feyness is making me itchy and scratchy all over again. Nothing for it but to go back to my JLPT1 reading practice, which is **utterly uninspired** selections of Japanese prose followed by multiple-choice questions, the answers to which are, as is only too often the case with Japanese thinking, 'none of the above.' (Didn't help that the first batch of answers I checked was for the wrong passage. 'But it *can't* be!!! That makes no *sense!!')
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