mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What did I do yesterday? Saturday I was active in the front garden, with the scratches and muscle aches to prove it; today I was diligent with the sewing kit, and can wear the shorts I mended in consequence. But yesterday I stayed in most of the day reading Phantom Moon, and my only accomplishment was to discover what an andon-beya is.

Andons are those papercovered squarish lights; beya is of course a heya or room. The andonbeya at the PMT is where people are always hiding from pursuers, or recovering from wounds, and where the Great Big Spoiler hangs out. I'd somehow assumed it was a store room kind of space where you kept the andons until they were needed at night.

Not, evidently. It's a windowless room where you must use an andon even during the daytime. Which is fine and good, but there in ch 1 of vol 1 we have Yosa-chan and Young Dork in the andon-beya, separately and together, standing beneath a window, not once but several times.

Unless the whole point is that there's not *supposed* to be a window in the andon-beya and it's dum-dum-dum not really there.
Tags: ima_ichiko, japan, rl_10

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