mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Five things make a post

1. Being psychic, I cancelled Friday morning's eye doctor appointment for new lenses. I thought I was doing it because of a sick staff (who'd already found a replacement) and the deluge forecast for all day Friday; but in fact it was because at 9 am I got the 'can you be here half an hour ago' call. This is fine, but I'm still wearing my 6 weeks old lenses which by now have an 'as through a vaselined lens, murkily' 70s art film view of the world.

2. New crown last week. Dentist then went on vacation. Lower crown is banging the perennially annoyed upper canine which is screaming back at it. I foresee a week on naproxen, which is a nasty nasty drug.

3. I wear cargo pants in summer. But this summer, while not as hot as some, is muggy, and cargo pants that close at the bottoms are hot, especially when worn with the mandatory control socks that keep my feet from turning into risen loaves of bread. Thus I threw in the towel and wore lovely lovely shorts to work. And now have mosquito bites on my bum and thighs.

4. In different news, I've misplaced my Detective Bluecat vols 3-5. This is like misplacing Sabriel and Lirael-- they're downstairs, they've always been downstairs, why aren't they downstairs now? Actually a note somewhere suggests to me that I sent them to Vice-Fearless Leader and forgot I did so. The Nix books, I mean. Bluecat... probably got tidied into the black hole of Doom. Never tidy. It summons up black holes faster than rubbing lamps.

5. Finished Ima Ichiko's fourth Silk Roads collection. The third volume, which I don't have, has four stories, two of which I read in the Gensou Fantasy anthologies 5 & 7. Do I order vol. 3 for the sake of those two stories? or do I order Gensou Fantasy 6 & 8, and get her stories plus all the others? The other stories are pleasant if not mind-blowing, and indeed sometimes only marginally 'oriental fantasy'; but there's one mangaka who does sweetly sad understated BL between bearded men that's worth reading.
Tags: ima_ichiko, manga, manga_10, rl_10

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