mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Historical Weather: June 29, 2010
Toronto City

Max Temp: 21.4°C
Min Temp: 12.6°C

Normal high: 26°C
Normal low: 15°C

So it's a little cooler than average. But you forget: this is the last week of June, that's *always* the hottest week of the month and sometimes of the summer. What happened?

Pride Day got bumped to the first weekend in July, is what happened. So Saturday is forecast to be 28, humidex 32; Sunday 30, humidex 35; recovery Monday an unspeakable 31, humidex 38 (100F for you down there.) The late-June weather anomaly is now explained. I just wish it wasn't so reminiscent of rains of fire on the Cities of the Plains.
Tags: rl_10

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