mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Truly, the Summit idiocy is worse than calling in the army for our six feet of snow back in '99. I need a sane city to move to.

Meanwhile, finished Moon Shadow etc and started Eastern Sea God. Discover that kirin stop growing at the age when they first learn to change shape-- which makes me think I'm misremembering First Taiki where everyone seemed in a taking because this ickle kid-kirin *couldn't* change shape. Or else I'm reading Eastern Sea God wrong, which is very possible. Whatever, this makes me want to drop ESG and go read Bratqueen of Kyou!! because *her* kirin is ancient, poor man. And I assume the fact that he couldn't change shape for decades must be dealt with somewhere along the way. Alas, BQoK is big thick book not suited to lugging about in the backpack, so shall persevere with the confusing and grasshoppery ESG. (Have not seen that arc of the anime, is why I wanted to read the book first.)
Tags: 12kingdoms, rl_10
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