mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What's the word for 'every four years'?

As low grade misery goes, the combination of June in Toronto, World Cup fans in Toronto, and G-whatever summit in Toronto is a perfect cocktail. Why yes, I love to sweat to the sound of honking horns and howling yahoos, while our downtown is turned into a single armed camp. Be prepared to present your papers when asked.

Go Côte d'Ivoire in any case. The city is more silent than it would be otherwise, thanks to them.

(When I consider that E, whose textbooks I'm using, studied for ikkyuu while working a full-time job and writing a book, I find nothing to say. Only that vocab the texts flag as nikyuu is stuff I never learned. Maybe I need to spend another ten years reading and then try the exam again.)
Tags: japanese, rl_11

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