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I had hoped that Things Go In Threes, category: Things Stop Working, subcategory: Things Must Be Fixed For Lots Of Money, would have counted my unhappy neck vertebra as number 3, after last Thursday's flat tire and Monday's unceasing flush toilet. No. Last night the mouse's scroll button suddenly stopped scrolling. Must find another computer to try mouse on to see if it's hardware or software (if the old comp has USB ports, I cannot find them) and buy a new one if it's hardware and do god knows what if it's soft. Because googling tells me to disconnect the mouse, then go into this menu and click these items and go to that website and DL those drivers. And does not say how one clicks in the absence of a mouse.

Or reinstall from disk, something I've never done, which must wait for the weekend and Big Bro to hold my hand while I do it. On the up side, with referred pain all down my right arm, I shouldn't be scrolling anyway when I can manage the down key with my left. (Chinami ni, I never had a scroll mouse before last year, and now think I can't live without it.)
Tags: rl_10, techy

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