mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This month's Hasui calendar print is the stunning Evening at Itako. There's a later print with the same name that I think is the one I'm half-remembering when I look at the May trees from my study window. Nice to have that settled. (And the Sanno Shrine that looks like Japan did in '89. And the Rain at Kawarago This site has the colours 'right' ie possibly not the way the prints actually look, but the way the country does in my mind.)

Oh and hmm, who is Gekko Ogata? He looks interesting.

Otherwise, May's embarrassing stats:

Holdstock, The Hollowing
Pratchett, Going Postal
Francis, Odds Against
Francis, Comeback

I wish that this was due to my assiduous studying for the JLPT but I think it's caused more by chronic dry eye and the inability to see out of my lenses by evening. Took me ten days to read the Holdstock alone and explains the absence of any Japanese at all, bar textbooks.
Tags: art, hasui, japan, reading_10, rl_10

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