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Heat is another country. I do things differently there. Granted, this is heat (31C/ 87F) that stops when the sun goes down, so I turn back into myself; unlike real heatwave heat (38, 40) that doesn't, so I don't either.

Finished The Hollowing. Huzzah, a happy ending in Holdstock! Or- well... I thought Lavondyss had a happy ending-- look, Tallis comes home, right? which The Hollowing proved was nothing of the sort. So, mh, maybe not. Thus, instead of forging ahead with the next book, which in fact goes back and deals with those utter bores from the first book, I picked me up a collection of Kipling's prose and poetry, vol 2, where vol 1 was all from the children's books. Started in on some of the poems, and um err oh dear. Kipling's hair-raising tendencies are muted in Puck of Pook's Hill, and even the Jungle Books by and large; but in the adult stuff Oh Em Gee. So I have nothing to read in the current heat spell, and must study Japanese idioms instead, which put me to sleep.

I've been back from Japan long enough that the time sense screw-up is pretty much over. I no longer instinctively feel that it's five years less than it is. ('Time in Japan is not Real Time ie Toronto's'.) I mean, if I'm estimating years, I tend to think it's 2000 and not 2010 ("1975- a quarter century ago.") But that's the age-related time-sense slip where, if you think it was a year ago, it's more like three, if you think it was five years ago it's close to ten, nado nado. A calculating error, not the instinctive *feeling* I had in 1997 that I'd started studying Japanese five years earlier in 1987.

I'm still disgruntled that it's 2010. I feel the first decade of the 21st century was a few years short; we *ought* to be somewhere in 2007. And that, I finally figure, is because I could have skipped from the fall of 2004 to the fall of 2006 without missing anything much at all. I wouldn't have a new bathroom (but that could be provided later, and under happier circumstances); I wouldn't have read any Onmyouji manga or novels, or Twelve Kingdoms (no loss); I'd have missed the winter of freezing rain and the summer of 90F weeks at a time, the tsunami and Katrina and almost all of menopause, which might be a shock if I suddenly woke up and there it wasn't. But otherwise...

(I'd have made the cutoff April 2004 but remember that I wouldn't have a good bicycle and wouldn't have finished The Funeral or its aftermath by then. Whatever I think of it, 04 was still productive that way.)

The missing half-year was 2009, that I could have dropped in May and picked up in November perfectly happily, thank you.
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