mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Al and Yetta watched an operetta; Leonard Bernstein told them what they saw"

Damn but Holdstock is creepy. His world is not a nice world-- basically, au fond, at the (occasionally literal) roots of it; and his people are really not nice people. He's not writing about civilization, I understand that, but about the bloody violent destructive Id thing that produces heroes-- produces both dragons and the warriors that fight them. But if the Hero smash! hero is so damned basic to the human construct, where did civilization come from? A time to break down gets the full treatment in his Ryhope Wood, but what about all the other people patiently building up? Howcum they don't get a look in?

The one good thing about Holdstock is he doesn't, or rather didn't, blog. The work is there, take it or leave it. No explication will be provided. There was a metafandom entry that touched on this last week some time. Authors are everywhere in blog space, talking about their work and presenting themselves as people to get to know. I understand it's necessary, in this latter degenerate age when authors must sell themselves because for sure the publicity dep't (what publicity department?) won't do it for them so that the writers can focus on what's supposed to be their job-- ie *writing.* But I find it a bit of information overload. In my world readers provide the interpretation, and wrangle gently among themselves over same if necessary, while authors remain serenely sphinx-like silent, saying neither yea or nay, like mangaka. True, it used to drive me bonkers when mangaka did it-- dammit, could you for once say something besides 'I'm very grateful to my fans and my editor and the producer of the anime that butchered my work'? but I've grown to appreciate the reticence. You're a big reader now; it's no hardship to be on your own with a text.
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