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I won't detail the train of thought that led me to google my old friend Bill from Japanese class and Japan, only that it involved the location of a kissa that must be in Tobu Nerima except I can't think where (and Streetview as ever fails to enlighten.) I discover that Bill was in town all this last year, teaching at the UofT until the end of March; and is now presumably back to teaching in Tokyo. While here he put on a dramatic performance with his daughter, last seen by me as the toddler who poked her finger through all their shouji. Tempus fugit indeed.

ETA- Bill was the one who went to Japan to study Noh and take his ikkyuu, all the while teaching English at that boutique English school that was the first to go belly-up c 1994 or so. This caused him to say at one point 'I hate my life', as well it might. But he ganbaru'd on and got into a Japanese uni to study classical lit. At which point he freaked out about ME! IN JAPANESE UNIVERSITY! TAKING ADVANCED COURSES IN JAPANESE!!!!! Went to freak out at one of his profs there, who told him brightly, 'Daijoubu, Biru-san. Kippu yachin appu,' at which he freaked out more. Kippu = ticket. Yachin = rent. Appu = 'up' ie increase, which he interpreted as 'transit fares are being raised, rent in the Tokyo area is increasing, you've got bigger things to worry about than reading Zeami in the original.' Err, no. That was 'Keep your chin up.'
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