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Have been wrestling with the intricacies of Word, which refused for the longest time to display bolding or underling in my documents. Help was no help. Change is vexatious to the soul, yes.

Otherwise it's hot and humid and people like me are supposed to stay indoors in the AC so we can breathe. For brainless pastimes I've been reading the Petshop of Horrors mangaka's other series, about a couple of highschool kids who write detective stories and get them published, though not in that manga fashion of 'world-famed seventeen year old author.' They modestly make it into a magazine and win the best newcomer's prize. And of course act as amateur detectives for various local mysteries with the nice wrinkle that the detective they've created- Suzuki Taro, Masked Detective!- appears very much in the flesh thank you to help them out. In Akino's world a writer's creations can become corporeal and occasionally act contrary to their author's wishes: it happens to several other people as well and is, you know, rather like life.

I've also started reviewing my upper kan'you kanji, mostly to get the base meanings straight for (optimistic) future Chinese reading. That quickly turned into getting the readings and writing fixed in my head because my mastery of them turns out to be spotty: kun-yomi for this but on-yomi for that, depending where I've read it and which gets used most often. Let me say, gingko biloba is a miracle drug. Why didn't I have it 17 years ago when I was doing this the first time? because now I'm actually *remembering* it all. (And remembering the mnemonics as well, which I-- dispiritingly-- had a way of forgetting. Nothing is more depressing than forgetting the trick that's supposed to allow you to remember.) It's a lovely lovely feeling because my memory for anything but rhymed verse has sucked as far back as I can recall, which is at least high school. Chemical formulae- ugh.
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