mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I have a new hard drive with the same old Win98, but for some reason all the sizes are different-- smaller-- even at my old resolution. And much uglier. And the buttons on IE are all in the wrong place. This is very off-putting. I feel like a cat when all the furniture is moved. And my OE has no addresses in its address book and it can't access my server and it displays messages in irritating Times New Roman even though it says the default is Arial and my IE favourites did *not* get transferred to the new Netscape no matter what Netscape says about it being automatic-- but that's actually OK because the new IE remembers passwords finally so I don't need Netscape nyah nyah nyah.

But I'm feeling all sniffly and lonely now for my old Win95 system. I knew where I was with that one and I wrote some good stuff on it. The good old days, that was.

ETA: jesus christ on a cracker. All the stories in my directory now display on a grey page except the ones I hand-coded myself. WTF????
Tags: techy
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