mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"One's life takes long strides between Olympics"

One year last decade I reread Lord of the Rings. I remember a cold blue and white spring evening at the much-lamented Tasty's, eating souvlaki and starting RotK while the Friday night Koreans moved in off the patio because it was so *cold*. Couldn't remember when it was, which is the sort of thing that bugs me now.

Realized I saw FotR in 2002. Could it have been then? that hot, hideous, everything-wrong, moon-blasted and salt-sown spring? Surely not. Consulted diary. Yes indeed. Eight years ago when unseasonable snow was falling on the newly opened plum and cherry trees. 2002 was an armpit of a year whose name is never to be mentioned in my presence; but parts of it were excellent.

(Also discover that it was K-chan who sent me Marginal, in 2002, and not Seishinja a year later. Well well well.)
Tags: manga, reading, rl

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