mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Elegant Things

My plum tree is blooming, a fortnight earlier than usual. My plum tree was mightily trimmed last year and all the lower branches removed, so now I can only gaze forlornly up at the plum blossoms from below. But the s-i-l brought the extenda-cutter back from the cottage and snipped us off some branches last night. I put them in water in the kitchen and this morning my kitchen smells of plum blossoms. How elegant!

Today is also winter's last hurrah AKA never send your winter coat to the cleaner's before June (because we had the last hurrah *last* Friday with snow and two Fridays before that with below freezing, and...) Result of these 4C/ 40F temps is that the cherry blossoms and the Novemberish clouds are the same colour. How elegant!
Tags: japan, rl_10

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