mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My wild and crazy social life: went to a movie last night, in a movie theatre! for the **second** time in six months!! which is little short of amazing.

Film was Unmistaken Child, part of the Tibet Film Festival, and the Bloor was full of Tibetans, natch, and large white middle-aged people not unlike myself; which is, in fact, one reason why I don't go out much. The large white middle-aged people are also remarkably loud.

The film itself is a love story and made me cry. Online reviews are palpably uneasy with the subject matter ('of course we all know reincarnation is a myth') and not much help. But a question I have-- if the filmmaker didn't meet the young monk Tenzin Zopa until 2002, the year after his master died, how'd he get the footage of the funeral, complete with close-ups of the corpse and the post immolation sifting through the ashes?
Tags: film, rl_10

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