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Bitwene Mersh and Averil

mikeneko sends me a virtual sugar bunny to brighten my morning. Thanks, mike. I was just thinking 'I wonder how the comrades of my youth are getting on?' ("mikeneko, luxetumbra, kickinpants and Robinson") and am glad to know that you're still with us. But where do people go from lj? AIM? Texting? Old fashioned email?


Mushishi 7
--such a watercolour series. The interactions-- are they there or not? That scene with Ginko, Tanyuu and Kumado at the end of 7 looked to me quite WYSIWYG viz pure professionalism. But then I didn't much care for Kumado and don't want Ginko caring for him. Even if they have the shared connection of lost parts of self.


The 100,000 Kingdoms

Lord Sunday
Superior Saturday
Lady Friday
Sir Thursday
-- yes, I bought the hardcover Lord Sunday. Need to know, basically.

Brown Girl in the Ring
Dick Francis, Blood Sport
Gentlemen of the Road
-- this is why March is such a long month. I bought that one in the snow and read it in winter. And now it's spring and daylight saving and going to be 25C/77F tomorrow.

Bitwene Mersh and Averil
When spray biginneth to springe
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