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That 'Japanese the Japanese Don't Know' manga has a Finnish student introducing himself. 'The Japanese think a lot of Finnish names sound weird' he says good naturedly. I thought the mangaka was being funny, but no- googling reveals that Minna and Henna are common female names, and Aho and Pantsu are actual surnames, alas. Dunno about Minna Aho, but Henna Pantsu is a real person.

Othrwise, just made the best veg soup ever, for certain definitions of ever.

I wanted a rotisserie chicken the other day, but the local super has gone upscale and its rotisserie chickens are free-range expensive beasties. So I went to buy half a rotisserie chicken from the deli. But turns out a whole chicken from the rack is only two dollars more than a deli half chicken specially served. So I bought a whole chicken, good for four meals, and then boiled the remains for stock. Boiled on three consecutive nights, as it happened, with a carrot or two and an onion, and half a dozen peppercorns and the greens from my noshing carrots, at least on the first night. Long slow simmering is apparently what stock needs.

Then I sieved everything out and threw in a bag of carrots and two sweet potatoes and a thumb-size chunk of ginger (minced) and quantum sufficit of rice. And boiled that an hour or so until done. Amazing. Sweet enough and tart enough and flavourful, and not a speck of salt in the mix. (Of course, I then eat it with smoked salmon on rye. Who needs salt with that?)

Not that I expect to be able to manage this level of awesome a second time. My carrot mush recipe is hit-and-miss: a hit when it hits but a distinct miss when it doesn't. Fortunately there are no-MSG chicken bouillon cubes for future undertakings, of which I now have a stash thanks to i_am_zan.
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