mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Freedom now

Diffugere nives, meaning the snow has gone for the moment, so I can bike again for the first time in a week. So after the day's trials and tribs, all of which were less trying and tribbing than they would have been had I been hoofing it, I biked down to Bakka in a brilliant gold and black and blue sunset that made the Victorian workers' cottages on Palmerston look beautiful and homey and desirable, and finally got my copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. And listened to staff chatting with a regular about their upcoming move to Harbord and Spadina, essentially two blocks from where I work. In the old Atticus Books, which is going online. 'There needs to be some work-- the building has an apartment on the second floor but the owner used it for storage. You should have *seen* it-- bookshelves on every wall and all the space between them on the floor just *piled* with books.' I wish I *could* have seen it.

But sad as I am the departure of a landmark-- I had friends who worked at Atticus in the mid-80s-- Bakka is going to be two blocks from where I work. Which suggests the need to solicit more work, like the 3-6 someone wanted me to do tomorrow. But not just yet; I have The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and an afternoon off and I mean to hold on to both of them.
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