mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Evidently I didn't realize, when I was reading Kohri no Mamono two years back, that vol 5 left me on a cliff-hanger. I went happily into vol 10, and all the problems had been solved, to the point that I didn't remember afterwards that a problem had existed. However I got vol 6 in NY, and did a fast reread of 5 last night, and now am ready to discover how we get out of our hole.

I am doing this to avoid writing Mushishi fic because surely, *surely*, everyone who writes Mushishi-- or does djs, more like-- works off the same trope: for Adashino, that aficionado of mushi-related artifacts, the most precious mushi artifact has to be Ginko himself. Whereupon we cut at once to the sex scene.
Tags: manga_10, mushishi, writing

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