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Oh come on, you great sodding lump. Just finish the damned translation. Seventeen more pages of dialogue you could do in your sleep. Do it. Do it. Do it.

And the Inner Three-Year-Old says No no no. I translate a page of sexual onomatopeia: gupo bikun nuro nuru pikun! zokuzoku zuryu!! and verbal f/x: haa haa n- aa! and then feel it necessary to spend an hour trying to find out if the phrase I remember as meaning 'the spring rain before the rainy season starts' really is written small barley rain. The answer, no thanks to any paper dictionary in my possession including the J-J, is no, it's written barley rain and pronounced bakuu, which almost sounds like sexual onomatopeia.

I go back and do a page of sexual dialogue: Put it in more. My body is becoming strange. The again me only coming is iya. I am so happy to feel Hitoshi's= your heat: and then must spend an hour at a cafe drinking ice coffee and trying to remember what base 4 of a Japanese verb is, since the grammar dictionary mentions them airily without defining them. Do glean the info that right up through early Shouwa people wrote verbs in ari keri nari forms, not desu-masu. Also that imasu was originally the elevating form of a classical verb. Look, this stuff /matters/ to me. Also, know why some long-o sound words that use the kun/ Japanese reading of the kanji are spelled oo (honoo, tooi, tooka) and some ou (otouto, imouto, houmuru)? You use a second o when that syllable was originally ho: honoho, tohoi, tohoka; and a u when it was just a sustained o. How do you know when the classical word used a ho sound? Ahh. Good question. I suppose you develop an instinct for it, just as yobu-yonda kaku-kaita becomes instinctive.

OK. Back to it. Another page. Then I'll go look at Chinese family words.

(Minamoto no Yorimasa in the icon is the one who shot the nue, a nasty thing that shrieks at night. As he was being rewarded a cuckoo called, and the presiding minister made an impromptu poem about it with Yorimasa providing the last couplet.)
Tags: japanese, rl_05, translation
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