mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reading along in this fairly uninspired Meiji weird tales novel, I find my naive protag heading down Kagurazaka in the direction of Ushigome, and must at once go get the map to find out where Kagurazaka is. I knew I'd been there in my Tokyo exploring days back in (sob) 1992, but I couldn't put my finger on the place. Down from Iidabashi, oh right, high class corner of the mercantile world, oh right. Google Streetview isn't very helpful, but yeah, I remember the narrow back streets and discreet monied-looking restaurants behind walls. The intervening 18 years seems to have gaijin-friendlied the place a bit; then I just felt out of place.

Here, for future reading reference, are the city wards in Meiji, just to have them handy. All the clothes vocabulary I shall just have to fake.

(Yanno, when I went to Japan, I sort of thought I'd wind up like this woman. Can't think what went wrong.)
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