mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Boris Badenov

Oh alright. My brilliant revelation re Boris Akunin-- viz that since he's a Japanese-Russian translator maybe he called himself Boris Bad Guy on purpose-- seems to be common knowledge. Mind, it's a lot easier to ask for Akunin's books, and ask for them in foreign languages (though I suspect foreign language rights were not greatly on his mind when he began writing) than Grigory Chkhartishvili's.

This by way of saying that I find the Fandorin books suck me in far faster than the Pelagia ones. The fantastic, even in the midst of wars and spies and violence, is evidently more congenial than the brooding evil of the small town Russian landscape. I have a vague feeling that both series reference different kinds of literary narratives, or possibly actual authors, but I don't know enough Russian literature to say what or who. (Googling to find out more tells me that Pushkin's great-great-grandfather was Ethiopian, of all the unexpected bloodlines. Or maybe Sudanese: the Abyssinia of Peter the Great's time took in a fair chunk of territory.)
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