mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What a good thing I don't work from home. I'd never get anything done. I need a net minder that cuts my access after half an hour.

Am reading the first Onmyouji set of short stories, which I somehow never finished back in '05. Probably because I started reading the manga version of same and was put off it, having failed to notice that very early on Okano began taking liberties with Yumemakura's stories: like shoving Sugawara no Michizane into them any chance she could get. Why she thought this was an improvement I can't begin to guess. Yumemakura's originals are nice tight little narratives. Okano's are all over the map and strike me as self-indulgent.

Seem to recall that SSBB has an historical issue coming up. Am tempted to rescue Fujiwara no Hiromasa's reputation from what both the manga and the movie did to it.
Tags: okano_reiko, onmyouji

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