mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Of lj styles

The thing I like about Pumpkin Eloquent is that it displays readably at whatever resolution I use (unless someone uploads a horking big graphic, usually from a quizilla test.) Most other styles, for whatever reason, don't: they slop off the page unless I up the resolution to something that gives me headaches like, say, 800x600. ^^;; Sunshiny I say this is all to the good since it stops me procrastinating by reading other people's f-lists- all that scrolling back and forth gets tiresome, however fascinating the discussions may be.

mikeneko however has a twist in her new layout. Scrolling down doesn't just make the text move upwards. As it moves upwards it reassembles itself at each scroll. tpod has this problem feature as well, and I've wondered why it happens. I can't see anything in the coding that would do it. Anybody know?
Tags: lj, techy

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