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Finished Yumemakura's Seimei collection, Dragon's Flute. Must seriously wonder if Yumemakura has a Heian picker. Because, well--

There are two stories where a woman of the aristo class finds herself alone with at least two unrelated men and nobody else nearby. This strikes me as weird.

In the first a woman goes off to a rendezvous, in a sort of ruined temple building, with two of her suitors, proposing a test for them to demonstrate their devotion to her. She dismisses her servants and sits in this small building with the guys. Possibly she has a fan, but no mention is made of it; and certainly no mention of screens or blinds or anything else. Presumably she's just sitting there tete a tete with them. Well, OK, maybe.

The second is a young woman at home. She's been possessed by something and her father is terribly worried. Seimei is called in and he arrives with Hiromasa. Young woman falls into exhausted sleep after her possession. Seimei tells father that they must remove her clothing so he can write the proper spells on her body. Father says OK and assists Seimei in undressing her.

And that one strikes me as just-- no. Women at home always have waiting women near them, even while being raped. (Useless waiting woman can do nothing but hold on to rapist's sleeve, but hold on she does.) Where's this girl's maids? the ones who normally undress her, right? Where's her mother, come to that? And even if you must have Seimei there, surely you'd send Hiromasa out of the screens? Doesn't even occur to Dad. Really kimoi, that one.
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