mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Because it was a cold and snowy and bitterly windy day yesterday, I... went out and cashed my paycheque at the bank machine and bought strawberries. Otherwise I'd have failed in my Canadianly duty. (Did not shovel. The snow wouldn't stay in one place long enough for that. See: wind, above.) Then I created a Goodreads membership and looked at people's book lists. I'm cheered that half the books on Best Books In The World also appear on Worst Books In The World. De gustibus etc, though why would anyone hate The Life of Pi that much?

Alas, I'm finding Locke Lamora less than enthralling. This is only partly because of an earworm that sings 'How are things in Locke Lamora?' at me every time I open the book.
Tags: reading_10, rl_10

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