mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It is much easier to watch anime than to write fic. Just thought I'd mention. Especially when watching anime doubles as Consoling the Cat. I discover you can't read and console cats because cats want to be exactly where the book is.

It's also terribly lavish to be watching my own anime that I can pull from the box as I please and know there's more in there whenever I want and that they don't have to go back to the shop on Friday. That's why in the end I'm glad I bought the Kyoto arc instead of the new shoes that money was marked for. Getting it from zip.ca wouldn't have given me the freedom of 'what I want whenever I want it.' Fortunately for my budget this experience isn't likely to be duplicated in the near future because, as Vice-fearless Leader was saying to me last night, there isn't another series I *really* want to watch in the same way. Not until Gankutsu-ou comes out complete to ep 17 at least. Maybe in the dogdays of summer I might want a similar mindless marathon of FMA but until then- mh.

Let me also say I have *no* idea where on god's sweet earth Japanese fandom and its western followers got their slut!Aoshi from. He's not there in the anime. This feels like one of those moments when the Japanese fandom sees things you don't and wouldn't. IME it doesn't happen that often- certainly there were no surprises in anything they did with Saiyuuki- but this almost automatic Saitoh x Aoshi pairing is certainly blink-worthy. I gather they did equally blink-worthy stuff with Naruto, but I was never in that one and deepfryerfire and stanking, who were, departed it a good three years ago with the epithet 'Naruto, what a ho.' Sic transit.
Tags: anime, rurou
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