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Obviously I'm not up on my BL, because the name Ishihara Satoru meant nothing to me when I excavated possibly-readable manga from the boxes. Not that I know anything about Afuresou na puuru, or care less. But I lucked out on the one I got: 其は怜々の雪に舞い /So wa reirei no yuki ni mai. (Reissued as 怜々蒐集譚, FWIW.)

Taishou Weird Tales, full of (late) Taishou weird tale writers and Taishou weird picture artists, and put-upon newsmen and editors who follow the writers and artists around, possibly hoping to grab copy from them. Ghosts, possession, odd combinations of Japanese and western clothing. (Kimono and button down underwear being one of the interesting ones.) Also Taishou Japanese, is why I'm not going to try translating that title. (Who's doing the dancing, for one thing?) It's the last message from a writer who'd disappeared in the snows of Mt Takao, hence poetic. The story reminds me of one of Ima Ichiko's where a guy also disappears in the mountains, leaving his wife behind to wonder what's happened to him, while the general ambience of the series naturally reminds me of Ima Ichiko's Phantom Moon Tower. Wish there was more of this, though the Taishou Japanese makes me cry.
Tags: ima_ichiko, japanese, manga_09

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