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Women in the Mirror

I went to a movie last night. No really, a real movie in a movie theatre with live people onscreen. True, the film was almost old enough to vote, (ETA- no of course it wasn't. 2002, not 1992. Laptops weren't a common feature of 1992) and free, but still. My giddy social life, let me show you it. (Giddy indeed. This inner ear thing is getting a mite old.)

Women in the Mirror, Japanese film courtesy the Japan Society, full of oddly tall and preternaturally thin women in calf-length skirts, which is very elegant but not what *I* saw in Japan in 1992 2002. (Half-wondered at the start if it was supposed to be back-dated to the 70s or something. Now wonder if it wasn't supposed to be backdated anyway. 2002 doesn't make sense to the ages given.) Very upper-middle-class women, hence comprehensible Japanese. Even in my latter degeneration I must have got about 80% of it by ear. (Now ask about my recent stab at Onmyouji 2. Or rather, don't.) Also courteous Japanese, which the subtitles can't render at all. (The innate breeding of the family is shown by the fact that the daughter always takes an unnaturally roundabout route to her chair in the living room. Finally realized she does this so as to avoid walking in front of her mother or the guest.)

Japanese pacing is not western pacing; as ever, the film went on half an hour too long even for my leisurely instincts. But how nice to see Tokyo sidewalks and railings again, even if they're in the affluent burbs of Fujimigaoka and the houses are *nothing like* the average Japanese house. All western-style (and dark) with wood flooring and panelling and bannisters and not a trace of aluminum anywhere. I'd happily have a house like that here, but you couldn't pay me to live in one there.
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