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Thursday Mangaries

1. Youmi Henjou 4 arrived. A fast scan of the first ten pages suggests that a) I wait for oh possibly Sunday to read it and b) Okano's chapter headings lie. 'The Great Western Mother Appears.' NO SHE DOES NOT. Unless the flying thing with eight Buddhist heads is her, and in that case, she appears but she has no dialogue.

2. Took half an ativan yesterday afternoon for spasming muscle and went to work. If I keep moving, ativan doesn't put me to sleep. So-- worked and physio'd and got caught in rain and had veg stew at a local restaurant to warm me and came home. Hot shower, into sleeping kit, snuggle into my pillow mountain with the heating pad at my back and reach eagerly for my kanji book (and pad and pen and wordtank and invalid's bed table, because that's how I study.) And looked blankly at the book, quite unable to focus on it. Not sleepy, not dozy, just 'mind does not function.' Very strange. And then I thought 'Ahah! *This* is what it's like to be high!'-- an experience various people have tried to describe to me unsuccessfully, because I have nothing to compare it to. Don't think I'll be toking up any time in the near future, pain or no pain; I mean, I'm sure it's better than being in agony, but what can you do in that state? (Watch television, maybe.)

In the event what I did was start my detective-architects' manga. Am pretty sure it's not the one I read that paleaswater lent me years and years ago because the colours are different (that one wasn't pink.) But it still has a bloody spiral staircase in it, and so did that one. Is this an idée fixe of theirs? (Obélix's dog in the original French was called Idéfix. Just to mention.)

Then took it to work and laid it down somewhere and don't have it now, which annoys me, because since I can't read Okano I want to read that.

3. bk1 has never heard of Sugiura Shiho. This seems unlikely, since she has a current series going. I wonder if they just don't deal with certain publishing companies.

4. When I search on Ima Ichiko at amazon.jp, it keeps throwing in these random Hatsu Akiko manga, Hatsu illustrated manga, copies of Natsume Yuujinchou, and a series of guides on where to take your kids in Ibaraki-ken. This is more annoying than I can say. Even if it's a holus-bolus 'readers who bought Ima Ichiko also enjoyed' amazon ploy.

The solution is to cut and paste her name from amazon's own site, and *then* I get only her works. Including the vast quantities of novels she's illustrated, not a few of them being Taishou and Meiji set weird tales. Rise up, little loonie, rise higher and higher (against the *yen*, dagnabbit). Mama needs more books she'll never read.

(Oh and look- they repackaged that Nemuki 100 Demons special as a book, and they repackaged all the bird stories as a book. Thrillsville. I get the feeling that, left to her own devices, Ima would draw nothing but bird stories, and be very happy doing it.)
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