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My favourite (cheap) recipes, for joasakura

Also known as 'stuff no man will eat' and hence of debatable use to someone with a man in the house.

North to Alaska Orange Veggies Without Pain

Has nothing to do with Alaska. Has much to do with the background to the old Johnny Horton my god how'd I remember that name? song, where you'll hear a male voice going Mush! Mush! I like my veggies halfway to mush and bolstered by starch or else my tum complains. It complains anyway, but still.

Cooking terms: QS= 'Quantum sufficit' = legal Latin meaning 'as much as needed.' ie to your own tastes

Carrots (QS or 4-5)
Ginger root (QS or 2-3 tbsp minced)
1 large yam/ sweet potato
Potato, yellow flesh (1 medium, fist sized)

1/2 cup rice, set to soak. Or not. It cooks in the soup, and if it's starchy like arborio, it just adds body to the soup

Chicken bouillon, 1 cube (I just discovered that most stock cubes including Knorr have MSG in them. Obviously, avoid if necessary or use non-MSG. The bouillon is what makes this, though, because it disguises the flavour of the indifferent veg I buy. Alternatively, use high-grade sweet carrots and very fresh yams)

Fresh lemon, QS. I use 1/2.

Put QS of water on to boil.
Scrape and chop carrots into bitty bits.
Peel and chop ginger into bitty bits.

Throw carrots and ginger into boiling water.
Add bouillon. Let boil on high 5+ minutes

Peel and chop yam and potato into not so bitty bits.
Add to pot.
Throw in rice.
Continue to boil at medium heat until carrots and rice are soft.
Squeeze lemon juice over

Time was I used to saute onions and ginger first, then add water and carrots. But my system doesn't like oil, and sauteeing takes the edge off the ginger. Just boiling keeps the ginger sharp, and it harmonizes well with the lemon.

I used to use smaller quantities of water that would make mush instead of soup. Find that with the unfried ginger I actually like the soup part so now I make it sloppy.

I've never figured a way to incorporate protein into this. Tofu just refuses to blend. Hence the next recipe:

Foie de poulet mandarin au gingembre

What it says: chicken livers, mandarin oranges and ginger. And green onions, an indispensible part.

Pack of chicken livers (doesn't work with any other kind), rinsed and cut into pieces. Kitchen scissors work best for this
Buncha green onions, diced, including the fresh green parts. I use scissors for this too
QS ginger, diced as small as possible
Coupla mandarin oranges, squeezed separately to remove seeds. Not that I do. And tangerines work better than mandarins TBH
Oil of choice

Heat oil in wok or fry pan. Sautee ginger and green onions. Add liver and sear. Add orange juice and bits of orange flesh, if preferred. Cook together. If liquid gets short, which it tends to, I'll slosh some apple cider into the mix, which adds to the sweetness and binds stuff together. Apple juice or OJ would probably work too, though not as well. Cook till done. Eat.

This began as an attempt to reconstruct the nira reeba of Japanese Chinese cooking in the absence of nira. Nira reeba is more astringent than this, possibly because it uses pork liver marinated in soy sauce, possibly because nira are much stronger than green onions. Much stronger. Cannot keep overnight in fridge strong.
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