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Stats and trailers

Trailers and stats--

From i_am_zan, previews for The Treasure Hunter, aka what Uncle Ming does to pay the bills.

November's sorry reading stats may be explained by more work and a weekend in NY. But November is always a falling-off from October and no idea why. Return to Standard Time, maybe?


Onmyouji 8 & 10
--which is really quite enough


Full Metal Alchemist 14-19
-- this month's Gluttony ha-ha. Six tanks in English bang-bang-bang, bar a little feel-bad feet-dragging round about #18. I find manga generally reads better in many volumes at a time*, even if that method cuts out the true fannish roller coaster experience. FMA is good for what it does: most shounen doesn't keep me reading obsessively for long. Equally, reading shounen in English doesn't make me feel that I'm missing something important, except when the translation is Tactics-bad.

*the one exception I can think of being Ima's Phantom Moon Tower because any story in that is multi-rereads *work*, and a whole tankoubon feels like the Labours of Hercules.

Wilce, Flora's Dare
-- I like the house butlers. I'm a house person: two things that always show up in my dreams are babies and houses. Houses have personalities and atmospheres and Wilce is the only author I know of who has a way of expressing that fact in a way that isn't twee and/or deranged.

Nix, Across the Wall
-- short stories are snares and delusions. I'm generally a short story fan, but authorial short-comings that are glossed over in book-length appear too clearly in the shorter form. So may it be with Nix. Just a touch too tidy.

Huff, Blood Bank
-- and Huff. It's odd that I don't mind manga that clearly tell me All Will Be Well but get peeved at stories/ authors that charonically guarantee Happi Endo. There's something vulgar and overly tidy and LCD to the thing.

van Gulik, The Emperor's Pearl
-- the problem of the later one-plot Judge Dees. Dee sits Hoong down and tells him the case against his three suspects, which feels like padding and is. In a multi-story work that conversation would have been spread out as these men came up in connection with other cases.
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