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Since I'm mostly indoors this weekend thanks partly to the scattered thundershowers and partly to the temporary Where-is-here? (please don't piss on my sofa) Cat, I got vol 2 of Samurai Champloo to watch with Cat while sitting on the sofa I hope he doesn't piss on. SC has style in spades, I grant you that, but doesn't press any other of my buttons so far. However, episode 6 is the kind of thing that just warms the cockles of my allusive soul. I leave the meta of the thing to those who like doing it; I'll merely say I've never seen a Mito Komon reference worked in so beautifully or with such panache. And the Dutch speakers were speaking Dutch, except the accented-Japanese Isaac who seems to have been done by a Japanese.

DVDs have indeed gotten western companies out of the sub-or-dub dilemma, so I suppose I'm grateful, though it means going through the setup menues every time to get to the Japanese version. I'm fast developing a phobia about setup menues. They're usually 'cute,' tricksy and non-intutive, hard to read and frustrating to use, and strongly suggestive that the west is still in a Dub-of-course mentality. Why else make the default 'English language subtitles off'? Helsing's were the worst to date, but SC isn't far behind. If the little red mark is next to play you're actually going to set-up; the play location is an inch to the left of the word play.
Tags: anime, history, japan, rl_05

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