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Went next door and asked them to demonstrate the marvels of ipod. After demonstration, think a nice uncomplicated mp3 player is much more what I need.

Then spent another coupla heart-breaking hours trying to get my Woxin AU collected in one place without random lines that *no* I did not put there myself and that *no* are not borders. This involves pasting lj entries into Wordpad so the html frames/ boxes/ whatever vanish. I dislike Wordpad because you can't change the default Times New Roman font, and when you go to change it to Courier New it gives you a list of fonts from here to Siberia. Then I c&p into OpenOffice, which I dislike because its spacing is wonky between paragraphs and it wants to save everything in its own file extension instead of .rtf. Look at the resulting product in Word 2003, which renders everything into caps. Hate hate hate.

I want my Word 2000 back. *It* never reproduced frames and boxes; I could ctr-c ctr-v from a webpage and get nothing but the text. *It* had no trouble rendering 13 pt Courier. I want my old 14" monitor back. *It* was perfectly happy with 800x600. *It* never made me squint to read great swathes of text so that now my head hurts. I could write on that monitor.

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